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Production stages begin with cutting. With German and Italian machinery, the MDP and MDF boards are cut by what is most modern in the industry through two angular saw cutters with daily output of 160 m3, equivalent to 4 truck loads. The pieces of MDF are taken to the processing/painting PP sector, while the MDP parts are taken to the edge gluing sector.

Processing/Painting - PP
Three pantographs make the curved pieces machining, which subsequently get PP layer and grinding, and then the final finishing, that is, PP glaze.

Edge Gluing
The edge bending machines coat what will be exposed after the furniture is built. This is a finishing process that makes all the difference. By using German and Italian technology, three double edge gluing machines and two unilateral bending machines work at speed of 30 meters per minute, providing a perfect finishing.

Nine multiple use Drills using German and Brazilian technology do the work that allows the subsequent parts fixing and furniture assembly with an average production of 18 pieces per minute.

UV painting
To ensure maximum uniformity, beauty and details to our products, three lines of complete UV painting with double printers print color and textures, whether matte or gloss.

In the packaging area the furniture goes through the manufacturing process final inspection. Modern machines and workers care guarantee furniture safely packed. It first gets protection on all four sides, and then it is plasticized with stresch, what strengthens all the parts, and finally the wrapping box. It’s glued and gains even more protection with shrinkable thermoplastic. All this process contributes to take to assistance rate close to zero.

Accessory Kit
Recently NOTÁVEL invested in an accessory kit’s products assembly line. Through information sent by a computer, a presence sensor coupled to a machine counts the items. Each kit is individually packaged.

The company's most recent investment was a palletizer. Its function is to make all the palletizing of the products as they come out of the packing line, leaving them ready to be vertically stored by the forklift machine.


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